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Welcome to Capstone Wealth Management Group, LLC

Capstone Wealth Management Group, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania but services clients across the entire United States of America.  We provide wealth management and financial planning services to individuals, families, business owners, charitable endowments, foundations, corporations and other institutions. 

Through our affiliation with LPL Financial, we have access to independent research and resources that allow us to impartially recommend investment products and services to our clients.  As a result, there are no conflicts of interest that exist when we provide advice.  Additionally, our compensation is not tied to any revenue-sharing agreements, but, rather, it is tied to the performance and value of our clients' investment accounts. 

At Capstone Wealth Management Group, LLC, we view wealth management in terms of the advice and services that we provide, rather than in terms of a product being sold.  The services that we provide include, but are not limited to, investment planning, retirement income planning, education funding, insurance and risk analysis, tax planning and estate planning.  These services are offered to all of our clients regardless of the monetary value of the accounts that we manage on their behalf. 

We implement a multi-step process when providing services to clients and that process begins with a "financial mission".  Once that mission is identified and embraced, we consider all relevant environmental information and use objective analysis along with rational judgment to make effective, responsible and sufficient financial planning decisions. 

Contact us today at 888-587-7526 or at (570) 587-7800 to discuss your financial planning needs. 


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“At Capstone, we believe financial planning is not a product to be sold, but, rather, it is a uniquely personalized process, specific to each of our clients’ individual needs.  We are held to a strict fiduciary standard and, by law, are required to put our clients’ best interests at the forefront of our planning process, from start to finish.”

2018 Market Recap. And a little perception.

The media has been incessantly and ominously reporting that 2018 was “the worst year since the financial crisis in 2008” and most certainly forgetting to add a little context.  Put into perspective, in 2008, the S&P 500 lost 38.49% of its value amidst a financial crisis where banks had $100 of debt for every $1 of cash on their balance sheets, investment bankers like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns were going out of business, “NINJA” loans (“No Income No Job") were being used to buy “McMansions”, and the global economy plunged as a risk culture failure produced one of the worst economic catastrophes in modern history. 

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Long Term Investors: Stay the Course - For At Least an Hour and a Half

Last night, I wrote to clients and investors to explain our views on how Wall Street and Main Street are a tale of two different markets and how the resultant, mushrooming volatility is tossing stocks around like ragdolls.  I try not to bombard our clients with too many emails, but wanted to put the numbers into perspective and remind everybody as to why staying disciplined is the only real plan to follow during all the chaos.

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Wall Street & Main Street: The Tale of Two Markets

There is a clearly a very serious disconnect between the behavior of financial markets and the underlying economy, which, especially in the US, is in decent shape.  The market’s mood is hypersensitive and problematic as it ignores good economic data, embraces bad news, hangs on to every official governmental Tweet, and is trading as if we’re on the brink of some kind of disaster. 

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Information Overload

As a follow up to our previous post regarding current market conditions, I thought it would be valuable to remind our clients that the media frenzy over recent market volatility, once again, is dominating the headlines as journalists bewilder all of us about what news is good and what’s bad.  I refer to it as “information overload” as antsy financial reporters make outrageous predictions during their “markets in turmoil” special report segments where they literally create a scenario where all news is bad news.  Trade war fears, interest rate hikes, skepticism that an economic slowdown is looming, and, most recently, a Government shutdown are all the rave these days and depending on who you’re listening to on TV, the issues have issues. .

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Market Update

Stocks closed well off their session lows on Thursday after news broke that the Federal Reserve could tighten monetary policy at a slower pace than previously expected.  The Wall Street Journal reported the central bank is considering signaling a “wait-and-see approach” to rate hikes at its upcoming meeting this month.   Overall, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 79.40 points lower at 24,947.67 after plunging nearly 800 points this morning (on the heels of Tuesday’s 800 point rout), while the S&P 500 closed 0.15% lower at 2,695.95.  The Nasdaq completely erased its losses, closing 0.4% higher at 7,188.26 as Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet (Google) all rose more than 1% on the day. 

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Extreme Volatility – Take Two

In February of 2018, after a huge, parabolic-like move upward in January, extreme volatility returned into the markets and investors saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average correct by over 8% in a matter of 6 trading days.  Sound familiar? 

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Another Professional Athlete Unknowingly Gives Up Control of Retirement

Kevin Garnett had an amazing career in the NBA. He goes down as the all-time leader in “on court salary” in history earning $326 million during his career…Today, he is suing because his retirement nest egg is missing a whopping $77 million. Garnett has filed suit against his accountant, Michael Wertheim, for allegedly allowing his wealth manager, Charles Banks, who is facing a 4-year sentence in federal prison for defrauding NBA legend Tim Duncan, to steal money from Garnett’s accounts.

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Is 401(K) Plan Consolidation On Your "To-Do" List?

As we say goodbye to the summer of 2018, wrap up those last minute mini-vacations, and send the kids off to school, it might be a good time to get back to basics and open up those old 401(k) statements that have been pouring in all summer.  Statistics show that when people separate service from an employer, they will leave at least one retirement account behind when changing jobs and, for many, three or more employer-based retirement plans are left in the dust as employees hop from job to job throughout their careers. 

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Social Security: What you need to know

Did you know that the age at which many workers will qualify for full Social Security benefits has risen to 67 from 65? If that's news to you, you're not alone: The majority of workers are still in the dark about Social Security eligibility requirements and m any expect to qualify for benefits payments sooner than they actually will.

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Pulling Back the Curtain: Find Out How Investment Fees & Expenses Really Work

The obscure nature of financial rules and regulations provides investment companies, with an information advantage when selling products and services to clients.  Most investors do not understand the jargon and complexities that define investment products as a whole and what’s most misunderstood are fees and expenses.  In fact, it’s safe to say that many investors have no idea how much they are paying, what kinds of fees are being charged, and how fees and expenses erode future retirement savings.    

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What's your investment IQ?

These days, investing in financial markets is a common practice. Yet, many Americans remain under-informed about how various investment products really work. Want to know how you rank? Challenge yourself with our brief quiz, "Test Your Investment IQ."

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